A beautiful Incident When I Met With A Gigalo

Life becomes very annoying and boring with no companion and friends. For Instance, working eight hours a day and at the weekend you are all alone. It seems like you are punished by God to live alone. In such situation, life turns a direction toward the dark side where there is no enjoyment, fun, love and relationship.


I would like to share very amazing experience of mine with my readers that how an incident could become a very beautiful part. I am a working girl who used to spend all time in office work and office work only. I hardly got time to travel out of the city. Last Saturday I was sitting at train stoppage I met with a Gigalo. He was having a pleasant personality, a tall body, good and attractive physique. His few words impressed me a lot. I felt like sharing my number with him and I did that. Actually, he was going to the same city too where i was going to. I found him a really good friend with humble nature. He was attractive enough to impress me. Often I found myself less interested in boys but he was something more than a handsome dude to attain my attention. Hence, I found a friend to share my time and have fun.

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